9 Great Inventions Can’t Be Improved and their History

You don’t have to evolve when you’re already perfect

Yesterday, I was wandering around an interesting question on 9GAGWhat invention is so good that it actually can’t be improved upon? And found great answers to this question. Even though there are many attempt to alternate or improve the origin of its invention, they’re still pretty much similar to what it was.

1. Metric system (500 votes)

Answered by darkwish98

2. Safety pin (609 votes)

There was never an update for this beauty — lolo_bindo

3. M1 Garand riffle (1k votes)

Answered by snidergreat2

4. Knife (1.2k votes)

A pointy metal on a stick has been around since the discovery of iron — 13th_ss_d

Flint knife, Egypt, 1000–401 BCE — wikipedia

5. Nail clipper (1.2k votes)

Answered by aksportgas

Razor (top) and nail cutter with bone handle (bottom) found in a grave of the Hallstatt culture (c. 6th–8th centuries BC) — wikipedia

6. Bikini (3.2k votes)

Easy — answerd by rustedearth.

The ancient Roman Villa Romana del Casale (286–305 AD) in Sicily — wikipedia

7. Mortar & Pestle (4.2k+ votes)

This technology, already appear in prehistory, first human civilization, still used till now — shocking_tigger

Rock mortars in Raqefet Cave (Israel), used to make beer during the Stone Age — Wikipedia

8. BMW and Lada (4.8k votes)

You don’t have to evolve when you’re already perfect! — vikmasz

9. Garlic bread (6.1k votes)

Answered by reptar994

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