A Case Of No-code

Learn more about its limitation before making a decision

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Spreadsheet services like Google Sheets or Airtable have already used by many people, teams, and companies. What makes them more interesting is, they introduce non-tech users to the no-code movement, open doors for interesting possibilities.

No-code is like Starbuck, a kind of coffee also for people who don’t drink coffee. What great about Starbuck isn’t the taste, but it allows more people to enjoy coffee. In other words, no-code is a programming language for non-programmers.

Recently, I’ve examined using Google Sheet as a database service when integrating to Inverr — a no-code builder. It can possibly operate for sites or apps with less than 5M visits/month, with big enough data storage for small apps. …

There is a thin line between the differences of explaining and talking. It’s easy to get confused and often leads to no good

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In 2014, I participated in a national Web Design and Development contest. As a developer student, a design teacher volunteered to help me with the design aspect. When I first met her, she offered to review one of my designs in class.

My taste of design was influenced by flashy drafs designs online, especially from Dribbble. Not understand much of its effectiveness, I thought having a huge footer was solid and cool.

But the teacher pointed out it wasn’t suitable for my design. Since it was an app, with the page’s max height is the browser’s height. …

Less worry about online platform “policy changes” in the long term

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Yesterday, I cross-post Not another productivity hack on reddit. Even though it reached hot, and users found it useful, it marked as removed after 10 hours.

No actual reason except the system generated notice (Sorry this post…). I messaged the mods, and no reply. As a user, I have no voice there.

It reminds me of Rand Fishkin — a well respected marketer’s view on his recent interviews/talks.

In short, many online platform take away the leverage from users to keep people on their platform. Where many of them are content provider for the platform.

For example, Google search results hi-jack content and make it their own. It kills inbound traffic to the actual source. Or Facebook’s new algorithms cut the engagements, which kills many pages. It also killed some business I personally known. …

Maybe you need healthier habits

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When I was younger, most of my time spent writing code, with 5 hours of sleep a day. I often read about productivity hacks, hope to squeeze a little more works. But nothing really works.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle drained my energy. In the past year, even if I wanted to, I can’t do it anymore. I need more breaks, more sleep, and more time away from the projects.

Turn out, it was for the better.

Most personal productivity hacks are to kick-start some unused parts of our energy. But when you have already drained them out, there is no more energy to kick-start. …

Love or hate it, you should know

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What apps do you love and excited to use every day? Do you think they use tracking? For most apps, the answer is YES, they use tracking.

Tracking is there to improve the products, services, or prevent server attack and hacking. It collects data from the server, apps on your device, through email, or social media. Either love or hate it, you should be aware of it.

In this post, I will show you some common methods of tracking. Details about how it works, their purposes, and just in case, how to disable it.

1. Server-Side Tracking

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Server-side tracking happens on a server. When someone visits a website, the browser will first send a request to the server. Before sending back the webpage, it logs some info on the server. …

Make your converstion easier to understand, and remember

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Do you remember the last time reading something long, with high engagement? Most of the time, a long-winded conversation, or writing makes it hard for people to perceive.

In the past, I communicate by expressing all points I have in mind. And I saw people keep nodding head or squint their eyes. Those are sights of trying to engagement rather than actually engaged.

But recently, I’ve learned how to be concise.

Let’s start with why concise?

One goal for most conversations or writings is, make it easy for the readers to understand that conversation. …

Even when you’re so at something, without practice, you will lose it

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When I was studying at a university, I had a part-time job in a bakehouse. And Adam was a senior colleague of mine. I was always interested in how did someone got to here, when we know each other.

One time, I asked Adam — how did you start as a baking chef?
More or less, it wasn’t what he wanted to be when he was young. He loved basketball and was an excellent player.

Though, he got caught up, and start to take practice less and less seriously.

One day, he looked back and realized his friends became much better, while his sharpness has already faded. …

When validating a product, try to use different channels, and remember these 4 wheels

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Kids art (internet)

This is a summary of Courtland’s mental model about validating a Product

Try different channels

When validating your product, try different channels. The best channel should be the one you can use indefinitely.

For example: validating through ads can be quick and simple, but does your budget allow you to run in the long term?

Besides, Ad is one of the possible channels. If it doesn’t work there, it doesn’t mean your idea doesn’t work. It can be a few different reasons (bad message, wrong audience)

See The Bullseye Framework Gabriel Weinberg — founder of DuckDuckGo

The 4 wheels

To have a good product, it needs 4 things:

  • Product
  • Market: who is buying?
  • Distribution: how to reach that market?
  • Pricing: how much is suitable for that market?

Those are more like 4 wheels on a car. To get the car moving, it needs 4 wheels. Even those are bad wheels.

Originally posted on Validate your Product

Try to conceptualize yourself as a consultant and not a salesperson — kinghtown

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An interesting question I bumped into today — How to learn to sell? Asked by an engineer turned founder for his first time.

The question received interesting answers from engineer-turned-founders, sales-related-book-authors, and people who have been doing sells for more than a decade.

1. Separate Sales from Marketing

For B2B sales resembles project management: the goal is not to convince everyone to buy your product or service but to diagnose their needs and only engage with firms that will benefit.

For larger deals you “sell with your ears” as much as you talk.

— answered by skmurphy

2. Direct and Indirect Sales

Sales can best be distinguished by indirect sales and direct sales. Direct sales is where you go out and find clients. Indirect sales is where you go out and find partners to bring you clients. …

You don’t have to evolve when you’re already perfect

Yesterday, I was wandering around an interesting question on 9GAGWhat invention is so good that it actually can’t be improved upon? And found great answers to this question. Even though there are many attempt to alternate or improve the origin of its invention, they’re still pretty much similar to what it was.

For each of the invention, I included the answer author, number of votes, intersting fact and history about it.

Note that those answered and voted by 9GAG members. Facts and history cited from wikipedia, or elsewhere on the internet

1. Metric system (500 votes)

Answered by darkwish98

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Introduced by France in 1790s, the metric system is a system of measurement that uses the meter, liter, and gram as base units of length (distance), capacity (volume), and weight (mass) respectively. …


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