A Case Of No-code

Learn more about its limitation before making a decision

Photo by Franki Chamaki

There is a thin line between the differences of explaining and talking. It’s easy to get confused and often leads to no good

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Less worry about online platform “policy changes” in the long term

Photo by Niketh Vellanki

Maybe you need healthier habits

Love or hate it, you should know

1. Server-Side Tracking

Make your converstion easier to understand, and remember

Photo by Florian Klauer

Let’s start with why concise?

Even when you’re so at something, without practice, you will lose it

Photo by TJ Dragotta

When validating a product, try to use different channels, and remember these 4 wheels

Kids art (internet)

Try different channels

The 4 wheels

Try to conceptualize yourself as a consultant and not a salesperson — kinghtown

Photo by Christopher Rusev

1. Separate Sales from Marketing

2. Direct and Indirect Sales

You don’t have to evolve when you’re already perfect

1. Metric system (500 votes)

Hieu Nguyen (Jack)

A developer & hobbyist photographer. Develop a drop and drag website builder www.inverr.com

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