Hi Bruno, thanks for checking out!

  • Custom models: Do you mean inheritance? See if this help https://vasern.com/docs/write-schema-setup-vasern#detailed-method
  • Main thread blocking: I am working on this, use js background thread is one way to solve it (maybe the only at the moment). P/s: What is your approach for updating results? Do you use setState and how? I guess your query results must be big to block animation and touch events. (If you can share your use case, that’d would really help me to test and improve — My email is hieunc(at)vasern.com).
  • Schema migration: Totally agree with you that Realm is boring, I hated it. Vasern has not supported schema migration yet, though it’s in the plan. My approach is developing a CLI that would do migration automatically (similar with Django schema migration). There is a challenge when intergrating with servers (client and server schema mismatch), I can think of backward compatibility (from the server).

I am welcome for suggestion too, Cheers!

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