How to be Concise

Make your converstion easier to understand, and remember

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Do you remember the last time reading something long, with high engagement? Most of the time, a long-winded conversation, or writing makes it hard for people to perceive.

In the past, I communicate by expressing all points I have in mind. And I saw people keep nodding head or squint their eyes. Those are sights of trying to engagement rather than actually engaged.

But recently, I’ve learned how to be concise.

Let’s start with why concise?

One goal for most conversations or writings is, make it easy for the readers to understand that conversation. And the easiest way to achieve it is, make it short and clear — being concise.

Only after being understood, that piece of information will be able to stay in someone’s memory. Otherwise, they won’t remember it.

How to be concise?

I learned to be concise by accident. Last July, I asked IndieHackers community to share their blogs and received 66 of them. To make it easy for everyone, I visit each blog, scan through their content. Then summary the theme into 1-sentence.

I realized the goal of that 1-sentence should be memorable. Which means, use simple words, cut less-important information, and still making sense.

You can practice being concise by doing the same. First, scan the ideas. Then start to cut off less-important ideas to the proper size.

Besides, there are tools that can help better your writing. I usually use HemingwayApp, which helps to choose simple words, highlight too long, or hard to read sentences. Typo checking with Google Translate. And of course, read them again to make sure it makes sense.

Being concise helps your conversation, or writing easier to understand and remember.

You can make a conscious effort to practice with a conversation or writing. First, find the 3 most important ideas, then put them into a sentence with simple words. Don’t worry about cutting off the wrong ideas. Try to re-evaluate, and it’ll get better over time.

Thanks seanhunter for reviewing the post. Originally posted on Learn to be concise

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